Connect to your VPS

Here you will learn the basics of connecting to your VPS.

Once your VPS has done provisioning click "Start" on the Instance details tab.

Connect using PuTTY

Instruction on how to instal PuTTY can be found in the Install prerequisites page.

Convert your SSH key to a PuTTY private Key

If you chose to not use a SSH key then skip this step.

In order to convert your SSH key you'll have to open PuTTYgen (this can be usually found from the Windows search bar)

Once you are in PuTTYgen click "Load"

Make sure you choose "All Files" then choose the SSH key you downloaded previously.

Finally click on "Save private key" and make sure you save it somewhere you can remember.

Import SSH key into PuTTY

If you chose to not use a SSH key then skip this step.

To start open the PuTTY application.

When the application opens go to Connection then SSH and finally AUTH (click the plus)

Finally click on browse and select the SSH key you saved in the previous step using PuTTYgen

Connect to your VPS

In order to connect to your VPS you will need to connect your instance IP address which can be found on the Oracle Instance Details tab.

Then paste it on Host Name field in PuTTY

Finally click on "Open".

If this prompt appears click "Accept"

When the login as: prompt appears type ubuntu. This might vary from the version you chosen when deploying your VPS.


Instructions on how to install Termius can be found in the Install prerequisites page.

Click on "Add" then "New host"

Enter your IP address in the "Address" field.

Import your key by clicking "Set a key" then "Create a new key" and select the key you've downloaded from Oracle.

Enter your username and click on connect.

Linux built in SSH client

Copy your ssh key using this command. Edit (your path) with the path you downloaded your ssh key to.

ssh-copy-id -i (your path) username@server-ip

Connect to your VM by running

ssh username@server-ip

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