Making Bot Application

Create bot application

First head on and click on " New Application. Input the name of your choice and click "Confirm"

A new screen should pop up. Navigate to the Bot section and click on Add Bot. Click on Yes, do it! to confirm.

After this, a dashboard for your bot will open. Give your bot a nice profile picture if you want to. It's recommended you switch off the Public Bot option. That way, no one except yourself will be able to add this bot to their server. Lastly, copy the token and paste this in your notepad.

Enable the "Presence Intent", "Server Members" and "Message content" intent within the dashboard.

The last thing you need to do in Discord's developer portal is to obtain an invite link for the bot. To do this, head over to the OAuth2 tab. Scroll down a bit and select the Bot section. Scroll a bit further down and you will see a few permissions. Make sure to select View Audit Log, Manage Channels and Manage Messages.

Before you press "copy", scroll down and select the following permissions:

Copy the link and paste it in your address bar. A new screen will open: choose your server and select all options. Click on Authorize and your bot should be offline in your server.

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