Deploy a VPS

Here you will learn how to setup a VPS under Oracle's free tier.

Deploying a VPS

To begin go to Instances (if you can't find it on the pinned tab then search it)

Once you are in there click on "Create Instance"

Type a name of your choice.

Go to "Image and shape" and click on "Edit" then select the OS of your choice

Make sure you only choose Always-Free Eligible images.

Although this guide is designated for Canonical Ubuntu, you can choose whatever OS you like if you have basic knowledge on how to install Python and other required packages

If you want you can click on "Change shape" in order to change the VPS ram and OCPU

Although you can choose up to 24 GB of RAM for free, Modmail can run even on 1 GB of RAM. If you plan to host more than one instance or have a large server then it is recommended to choose more than 1 GB of RAM.

For the final step go to "Add SSH keys" and click on "Save private key"

It is not required to use a SSH key (choose No SSH keys) but it is highly recommended for security reasons. If you choose to have one make sure you don't lose otherwise you won't be able to access your VPS.

Once you are done click on "Create" and wait for you Instance to be set up.

Try this interactive demo to get yourself familiar with the deployment process!

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